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Small and medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of London’s economy. There are over 10,000 micro businesses in Merton (employing up to 9 people) and they are often an essential part of our community in a whole range of sectors such as retail, restaurants, logistics and specific trades.

Small and medium sized businesses are officially classified as those that employ between 10 and 249 people and account for up to 10% of all businesses in the borough. In this borough we have an amazing diversity of businesses and we want to support you in your development and growth.

We want to support you in your journey of development and growth. Why not take advantage of our membership, services and events to meet new people and get your business to its next stage of development. Here’s how we can support your business:

Does your SME or micro business currently rent premises/office space, or plan to do so in the future? The London Business Hub Property Advice Service programme offers FREE support and advice for London businesses like yours.  Click here to find out more.

Welcome to Peer Networks

A national peer-to-peer networking programme for SME leaders that want to grow and develop their organisation for future success. Delivered locally by Merton Chamber of Commerce in association with Business Clan, we create diverse cohort groups of individuals to collaboratively work through common business issues.

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Interested in being part of a dynamic peer network? Contact diana@mertonchamber.co.uk for more information.

Peer Networks is a national programme delivered locally by Merton Chamber and Business Clan on behalf of the London Business Hub.

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