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Empowering Businesses to Champion Sustainable Health and Wellbeing

Merton Chamber of Commerce wants to work with business to help them become great employers through the development of good practice and promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace in effective, achievable ways.

Many employers are now training staff to become workplace champions in mental health and we are pleased to offer this training in 2020. We are offering online training, including Mental Health Awareness courses. >> click here for full details.

To find out about the workshops currently on offer go to our What's On page

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 Introducing Merton Healthy workforce research programme.

Merton Chamber of Commerce is working with Ottaway Strategic Management, a specialist research company commissioned by Merton Council to explore the views of local businesses and business networks with regards to supporting workplace health and wellbeing. Their research findings will contribute to the development of a new Merton Council led programme in 2021.

The research is focused on:

• Exploring the priority issues facing businesses with respect to their workforce’s health and wellbeing, including contributors to sickness and absenteeism

• Identifying the key barriers facing businesses when it comes to improving their workforce’s health and wellbeing

• Understanding any sources of external information, advice and interventions about workforce health and wellbeing being used by businesses, and the value each brings

• Establishing the preferred form and content for any potential additional future information, advice and interventions on workforce health and wellbeing

If you are willing to spare 20-30 minutes to speak to Ottaway by telephone to help to ensure Merton Council’s future support to businesses is relevant to local needs, or if you are willing to complete a short online survey, please get in touch.

If you would like to find out more please contact us: info@mertonchamber.co.uk

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