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Whatever the size of your business, we understand the time it takes to find information.

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Topical updates for your business

Latest updates for business

We offer resources that allow you to connect with businesses and keep updated with the latest news and important changes you need to know.

Climate action is a key area for businesses to consider

Being a Sustainable Business

Helping support businesses to take action to reduced their environmental impact and to adopt more sustainable business practices.

Helping support businesses with their employment and skills needs

Employment and Skills

Representing the voice of employers and helping to prepare people for work, and address up-skilling and productivity.

What’s new, consultations and under development

New Initiatives

These are exciting times for the borough with lots of new projects and initiatives in the development phase.

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How you can get involved and give back


Merton has a population of just over 208,000 residents; living in approximately 84,000 properties.

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Find out how we work to make Merton a better borough


Merton Chamber of Commerce believes in working in partnership in order to make the borough a better place for business.

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