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Training and Recruitment Partnerships - Traineeships Programmes

April 20, 2021
Covid-19 Updates
Merton Chamber

The Training and Recruitment Partnership wanted to let members know about the new traineeship programmes we are starting over the next few weeks.  

Are you able to offer a Work Placement for a 18-24 year old? If you can commit for a minimum of 70 hours a week you could receive A £1000 incentive from the Government. A great way to support your recruitment and give someone a great insight into your company.

Traineeships are a great opportunity for employers to get to know young people, up to the age of 24, who are looking for an insight into different vocational areas through a work placement.  Currently it could start as a virtual placement hopefully moving to an onsite experience as things progress. This sits alongside a range of training to get people ready for work, support with their basic skills and more detailed sessions to enhance their knowledge of the specific areas they are interested in. We want to tap into the wealth of knowledge from local businesses and hopefully get them to add a real insight into what their companies do and how they fit into the local area.

There are some  great incentives available for employers engaging with the programme at the moment; should  you find someone who fits well with your business then they could move swiftly and easily into an apprenticeship. The incentives for companies taking on a new apprentice are even better from 1st April, it could be as much as £4000.

The support and guidance for the traineeship and potential future apprenticeship comes from us and we would be there to guide you every step of the way.  If you think this is something that you and your organisation could benefit from, or you would like any more information, please get in touch on 020 8640 6662 or info@trpltd.co.uk or visit www.trpltd.co.uk