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Top tips and recommendations for how to protect your employees from Covid-19

February 15, 2022
Covid-19 Updates

Top tips and recommendations for how to protect your employees from Covid-19 from the NHS

2 February 2022


1. Share key facts and messages with your employees

Here are some of our latest key messages you could share with your staff:

·        Covid is continuing to have a big impact in our capital with high daily case rates.    

·        Although we are heading in the right direction, infection numbers are still very high overall, and the most important thing Londoners can do is get vaccinated – whether it’s a first, second or third dose.   

·        Anyone who gets Covid can become seriously ill or have long-term effects, known as long-Covid.

·        The Covid-19 vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and others as they reduce the risk of infecting other sand significantly reduce the chance of contracting Covid in the first place.

·        Not getting vaccinated against Covid puts you at greater risk of serious illness and death.  Clinical evidence shows that 90% of those who fell seriously ill or died after being infected with the Omicron variant were unvaccinated. 

·        The vaccines are safe and have saved over 120,000 lives in England alone.

·        The NHS have given over 16 millionCovid-19 vaccine doses, over 4 million of which were boosters.

More stats can be found here, but we would happily send you updated messaging on a weekly basis if that would beof use/interest.


2. Make staff aware that it has never been easier to get a Covid-19 vaccination.

·        There are hundreds of sites across the capital offering walk-in vaccinations to make it as easy as possible. Individuals can find out where on the NHS London website. Many sites also do ‘after hours’ and weekend booking slots.

·        People can also book online here, or call 119 to make an appointment.

·        There are also Overseas Validation Sites where people who have had their first vaccinations outside of England can get their vaccination record securely validated. Appointments can be booked here. This procedure for getting medical records updated should not stand in the way of any individual getting their booster, and if they turn up at any of our walk-in sites, with all of the information relating to their first two jabs, then they should be able to get vaccinated.


3. Speak to your local Integrated Care System (ICS)about local events/opportunities happening close to work

ICSs are responsible for bringing together the NHS, local councils and other relevant partners like those from the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors. London is split into five ICS districts, and details on your local ICS can be found here, and contact details below. During the pandemic, they have worked with their local communities to ensure everyone has the opportunity to both learn more about the vaccine programme and also access a vaccination. They will know of local opportunities you can promote to your staff, or even support in creating new ones specifically for your teams. They have delivered many partnerships in this way, including specific vaccination buses or taxis travelling to businesses and areas of dense populations, information hotlines and pop-up vaccination centres, and would gladly discuss ways in which they can help you to support your staff to get vaccinated.  

North Central London Partners in healthcare: nclccg.covid-19vaccine@nhs.net

North East London Health and Care Partnership: enquiries@eastlondonhcp.nhs.uk

North West London: nhsnwlccg.media@nhs.net

Our Healthier South East London: selccg.communications@nhs.net

South West London Health and Care Partnership: hello@swlondon.nhs.uk