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Stay Safe in the heat this Summer

May 17, 2021
Member News
Merton Chamber

Stay safe in the heat this Summer with Warm and Well's free 'Staying Healthy This Summer' online information session.

It’s a fact that we are experiencing hotter summers - the last decade was the warmest on record. Shockingly there were 1,734 excess deaths in England alone in just 10 days last summer (between August 5th - August 15th 2020).

Warm & Well in Merton aims to prevent heat-related deaths and illnesses by raising awareness of how to stay well in the heat. Merton residents can learn more at Warm & Well in Merton’s free “Staying Healthy This Summer” online information session on Thursday 10th June from 11:00 – 12:00.

The session, open to all adults in Merton, will cover how to keep safe as the weather warms up and will give key energy saving tips. Visit www.warmandwellinmerton.co.uk to register.

Catherine Kiernan, Warm & Well in Merton Project Manager at Wimbledon Guild says: ‘It’s so important to stay well during the hotter weather. Make sure to check on those vulnerable to the heat and encourage them to attend our free “Staying Healthy This Summer” event if possible or pass on some of the tips. Even small actions, like closing the windows when it’s hotter outside than inside or using a cold flannel on the back of your neck, can make a big difference.”

If you attend the online information session on the 10th of June, you’ll also hear about the 6-week Merton Moves Pledge. Merton Moves is here to help over 50’s in Merton kickstart a more active lifestyle. Regular physical activity is key to healthy ageing, so whether it’s a walk in the park, gardening or Pilates, the Merton Moves team will help you find an activity that suits you.

All “Staying Healthy This Summer” attendees will receive a free information pack containing a handy room thermometer with advice on action you should take depending on the temperature. Should you decide to take the Merton Moves Pledge, you’ll also receive a free Fitness Starter Pack to get you on your way.

Warm & Well in Merton’s 5 top tips to stay well in warmer weather:

1) Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Aim to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water and more if it is hot.

2) Shut windows when it is cooler inside than out and close the curtains in rooms that face the sun.

3) Take a break from the heat - put a cold flannel on the back on your neck to cool down, splash yourself with cool water or have a cool/lukewarm shower.

4) Avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day which is 11:00 – 15:00.

5) If medication needs to be stored below 25C, put this in the fridge on warmer days.