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Samuel Estates - Keep On Keeping On: A Growth Story Amidst the Pandemic

October 14, 2020
Member News
James Cook

Nicholas Samuel, Merton Chamber Director and Managing Director of Samuel Estates shares some positive news about business growth through lockdown.

“Whilst Covid-19 certainly hit the business hard for us, it was key that we kept to our 2020 Growth Plan. During lockdown we managed to acquire two property portfolios and launched our new Property Acquisition service even when we were faced with a slowing sales and lettings market. Having been forced to furlough four members of staff meant that our reduced team had to pitch in more and share responsibilities. Our phone lines were simply going crazy with enquiries and questions from client landlords and tenants due to coronavirus uncertainty.

Whilst we could have furloughed more team members, our service levels would have suffered – and, being a service driven business, we knew had to take the ‘hit’ financially, the situation would improve – it was just a matter of holding out.

Our team did a truly fantastic job of pulling together too even at a time when motivation and mental health was an obstacle for many.

Implementing remote working was a lifeline for our teams, it transformed the way we communicated internally which in turn made us more agile, we have since embedded this technology in our operations and haven’t looked back since! As a ‘digital first’ business we are also pleased to announce to you that our new website is now live with a host of features and content. This was a key project for us this year.  

With ‘lockdown two’ shadowing over us, we believe we are better placed to manage it. But we are taking nothing for granted, and, it could be another hard slog. Whilst we know the team will pull together as always, we must keep looking ahead as well as dealing with present challenges. I would urge any business in a similar position to just ‘keep on keeping on’ and reach out to the chamber for support and advice.”

Click here to view the new Samuel Estates website.