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Raynes Park Vale Football Club

June 3, 2020
Member News
Merton Chamber

Raynes Park Value FC want to partner with local businesses.

They are a community football club that wants to set up partnerships with businesses to increase their outreach and help them thrive.

Profile & Brand loyalty

Get your brand out there With over 18 teams, Raynes Park Vale provides a formidable platform where brands can establish association with over 450 matches of football across 10 different age groups and over 50 club grounds. Making over 10,000 impressions in the community.

Increase brand likeability Through creating links between the brand and the interests of the community, loyalty is built. Customers are significantly more loyal to brands that have and show the same underlying values and interests as the communitys. Through club sponsorship, the brand builds on its ability to increase customer retention through a relatively low investment in marketing.


Let us do your Outreach for you The club is not only important to its people, but the community and its people is important to the club. As a result, key social activities such as care home visits and charity fundraising are performed by the club. Ensuring your brand is associated with the club, aligns the actions & values of the club with your brand.  

Align your employees’ values with their line of work Most people sacrifice their moral purpose for economic means through employment. The club offers the opportunity to ensure your employees feel a part of the bigger picture, including making sure the youth of Raynes Park are on the football field and off the streets.

Get in contact

We would love to hear from you
Our website is: www.raynesparkvale.com
Our twitter: @rpvfc
Our instagram: @rpvfc

Our e-mail: partnerships@raynesparkvale.com

We’d love to see you at our home games next season We want to embed ourselves further in the community and we’d love to see you at our home games next season at Grand Drive, Raynes Park  

As an added bonus we’ll be serving ‘by the horns’ beer throughout the season.