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New Wellbeing Campus

May 20, 2019
General News

As you may have seen from local media reports, the Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus is now currently estimated to open to the public in 2022 rather than at the end of 2021.
We know this news may be disappointing for the local community, as it is for the CCG and our partners, but please be assured that the project will continue - the CCG has already invested significantly and is committed to opening the new campus.
The reason for the revised opening date is due to national discussions about who should carry the risk of any increased costs due to a potential rise in interest rates prior to starting the construction of the new building.   This is an issue being addressed nationally.
We are currently in discussions with the developers and this should be resolved over the coming months. However we are progressing a number of activities that will need to happen regardless, for example conducting a range of surveys on-site.
In the meantime, our work to develop services that will be based at the campus is continuing as planned.  Our community engagement activity is also continuing, with a focus this month on seeking the views of residents on how to shape the social enterprise organisation that will coordinate and facilitate the campus’s