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Merton Best Business Awards – Tips for applying

May 16, 2019

Andrew Bithray who works for the Merton Best Business Awards Headline Sponsor, WSM Advisors, says: “The Merton Best Business Awards are a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to showcase their passion and entrepreneurial talents. It is inspiring to be part of the judging process, getting to see the variety of entries and the motivations behind the businesses.”

With a wealth of knowledge between them, the judges really do know business – so take a look at our blog – you never know, it might help you win!

Top Tips For Applying

Aside from meeting the judges themselves, there are many suggestions that can help you create a winning entry. Last year’s Best Business Winners Ryan O’Sullivan and Sarah Quartermaine from RyGas Ltd said that: “Less is more” when it came to writing the application, and they both admitted that in the previous year they had written far too much.

Diana Sterck, CEO of Merton Chamber of Commerce and an award judge, has some sound advice, too: