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Merton back in Business! Local Stories

April 22, 2021
Merton Chamber
Metronome - Morden

Independent Coffee House:
Metronome - Morden

“The first morning of our opening felt like our first day of trade, there was a nervous excitement in the team - would we have any customers? Slowly but surely, amongst a number of new ones, our regular customers started to come back. It felt like seeing a long lost acquaintance - catching up on the last two months, trying to remember just how they liked their order. Amongst the positive comments we received from customers, the one that stands out is, one of our regulars saying it had made his day to see us open again as he had missed starting his day with one of our lattes. There is that fear of a business being shut, and no-one missing it - so to hear those kind of comments really cemented the feeling that Metronome Coffee House had found its place in Morden High St." - Naomi Yearwood

Gina Conway Salon Spa - Wimbledon

Hair Salon/Spa:
Gina Conway Salon Spa - Wimbledon

“And finally… we are back.. it is a relief and a rush to be back in the salon doing what we love, getting back to making people look and feel amazing. Honestly, the feedback from our guests makes me really understand the impact of what our industry does for people's wellbeing both on the inside and out. I am grateful that I can have a positive impact on that and help restore peoples self esteem and confidence in a meaningful way. The very fact that people get to be listened to, for over an hour and have a human connection on top of the physical benefit, it is why I do what I do… I am a Daymaker.. New job title!!" - Gina Conway

Next Chapter Tattoo and Piercing - Morden

Tattoo and Piercing Studio:
Next Chapter Tattoo and Piercing - Morden

"..we celebrated at Next Chapter Tattoo & Piercing Studio with a thorough deep clean of our studio and little painting and decorating, excited to get our clients back into the studio after being closed for 8 months over the past 12.
It's been great reopening and being back in our second home with our second family around us. Team spirit has definitely lifted and we look forward to getting back to the grind of our day to day life, creating beautiful art, meeting interesting people with even more interesting ideas and just doing what we love the most." - Dan

Luma Cafe - Wimbledon

Independent Cafe:
Lu-Ma Cafe - Wimbledon

"We are delighted to be open and welcome our customers, it’s been such a difficult time for so many people that we feel privileged to be able to offer an amazing space that is so welcoming for everyone.  Our opening hours are 8-4pm with an all day menu option. We also have the addition of more pastries and breakfast snacks. Our outdoor seating has been extended and has both heating and lighting, an ideal space for outdoor gatherings that comply with Covid regulations.  We are licensed with Wimbledon lager on tap and a selection of wines beers and spirits, perfect for those missed celebrations." - Maria Jessiman

The Alexandra - Womledon

Youngs Pub:
The Alexandra - Wimbledon

"Well what a first week that was. It's been utterly heartwarming to see quite so many happy faces, staff and customers alike relishing the opportunity to socialise again...The simple stuff is lovely, it's what makes the world go round. Seeing a couple of pals, making a few new ones, cold beer, hot chips, a shared identity in an environment for an hour or two.
We've loved looking after folks, and I think I can say without equivocation they've loved being looked after too. It's been superb, come see us." Mick Dore - via Facebook post

Independent Cafe:
Pho Cafe - Wimbledon

“We are so thrilled to be open again in Wimbledon - with our big back garden space open for all. Our lovely customers are soaking up the British spring-time sun in the day while they sip fresh juices and slurp healthy noodle soups, and in the evenings it becomes a really cosy space with heaters and twinkly lights. It’s amazing to see groups of friends and families dining together at Pho again. We are looking forward to what summer has in store.” Libby Andrews, Pho