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London Business Hub Property Advice Service Programme

October 14, 2020
General News
James Cook

London Business Hub  recognise that SMEs and micro business owners now more than ever need access to specialist advice and support to help them have a level playing field when dealing/discussing with their commercial landlords on a range of property issues some increasingly complex.

Therefore, the Property Advice Service is here to help. This program is designed to:

a.    Provide FREE support and advice to London based micro and small/medium size businesses
b.    Cover issues such as signing your first lease or licence, renewing an existing one, rent disputes, considering going to arbitration and eviction.

The core support will comprise of:

  1. A series of free masterclasses on topics such as Business Rates, Lease Negotiations and more
  2. The provision of 1:1 sessions, lasting 1 hour, for a selected group of London based micro or small/medium size businesses with Gerald Eve (International Property Consultants) and/or other legal professionals

This is a London Business Hub  programme, delivered by London Business Partnership Limited in conjunction with Gerald Eve (International Property Consultants).

Dates: Friday 6th November and Friday 4th December. Time: 10.30am-12.30pm

To register or to find more information please visit London Business Hub.