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Kickstart Scheme: Supporting Young Talent

March 31, 2021
Covid-19 Updates
Merton Chamber

"As a small business we are so happy to be part of the Kickstarter Scheme.

Caroline from Merton Chamber was very helpful during the submission, hiring and payment processes. We now employ a young talent.

It's only been two months but her contribution to her work and the company is amazing in these challenging times. The scheme is giving us a chance to employ young talents and train them to be their best over the 6 months with us. At the end of the scheme we will be hiring them full time. We wouldn't be able to do that ourselves with our own resources especially in these circumstances. I strongly recommend Kickstarter to small businesses".

Ezgi Gunyel, Founder of Earth to You.

At Earth to You, our Oils And Botanical Products Are An Opportunity To Reset Your Skincare Rituals, To Declutter And Simplify In A Way That Nurtures The Body, Cleanses The Mind And Benefits The Planet.