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Free webinars to help keep your business Covid-secure

September 18, 2020
General News
Merton Chamber

The Regulatory Services Partnership (RSP) at Merton Council ran a series of free webinars for businesses in the close contact, leisure and other sectors. The RSP was accompanied by an industry representative and/or Trade Association representative to discuss their own guidance for your sector.

The COVID-19 webinars focused upon particular professions and the steps needed to keep you, your staff and customers safe.

If you missed any of these webinars, and would like to follow their guidelines on operating your business safely you can find them on the Merton Council website here.

It is important for businesses realise that the content has significantly changed since the these webinars were recorded. eg.:

• we now know ventilation plays a much greater role than hand sanitiser and surface cleaning in reducing transmission

• our earlier webinar advice was that screens between staff and customers are sufficient - the latest science on aerosol transmission questions that

The webinar and accompanying material (link in the video description) explains the reasoning behind this.