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Do you have an event space in Merton? Have your say with Wimblecomm

September 17, 2020
Member News
Merton Chamber

If you have an event space in Merton - community hall, church hall, sports clubs etc Wimblecomm would like to hear from you.

>> complete their survey here

Additionally, they are selling up to 5 banner ads on their homepage of their website which is in the process of being updated. Their introductory rates are very competitive (£15/month; £30/3 months).  Details are available by clicking on the sample ad on the homepage.  Bookings can be made via email to general@wimbledoncommunity.org.

They are also offering space listings to commercial/for-profit venues with a community ethos and focus.  These are free of charge until end of March 2021 and will be available at competitive rates thereafter.  Venues will be able to feature their events/activities and other news on our website/social media, too.  

The new website will have space listing templates for commercial venues so interested venues should get in touch in the first instance by email to general@wimbledoncommunity.org.