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Changes to COVID-19 testing requirements

January 6, 2022
Covid-19 Updates

From 11th January COVID-19 testing requirements change for those in England who have a positive lateral flow test but no symptoms.

Isolation will start from day one of having a positive lateral flow result.

The change is temporary and should ease pressure caused by high demand for PCR tests due to the Omicron variant. Those testing positive with symptoms will still need a PCR test and still need to isolate.

As previously announced, isolation is currently required for seven days upon testing positive for COVID-19, with negative lateral flow results needed for days six and seven and the absence of a fever to end isolation.

Current Plan B COVID measures are to be reviewed by 26 January. Until then, people should continue to work from home where possible.

Changes to testing for international arrivals

Requirements for pre-departure tests, as well as the need to self-isolate until receiving a negative PCR result, for double jabbed passengers entering England are to be removed from 4am on Friday. Instead, arrivals will need to take a lateral flow test within two days.