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Brexit Guide for Business

February 24, 2021
EU Transition Updates
Merton Chamber

The London Business Hub have created a range of dedicated Brexit resources to help businesses navigate the challenges ahead.

These include:

Free one-hour advice from our panel of ‘Brexit Experts Advisers’

You can book one hour of free advice with one of our experts to address your questions on issues such as:

• Employing of EU nationals and business travel requirements

• Managing data and intellectual property with the EU

• Importing and exporting with the EU,

• Country of Origin

• Taxes, duties and VAT

• Contracts

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Brexit Ready Podcasts

Brexit Guides for Business

To help you get to grips with some of the biggest changes of Brexit, our Brexit Resource Hub has guides that cover everything you need to know on:

Employing EU citizens in the UK

Employing UK citizens at your European Office

Trading legally with the EU and complying with new regulation

Intellectual Property (IP) and EU Data

Travelling to and from the EU

Each Guide explains what is happening in the relevant area and gives you a quick checklist of things you will need to know, and do.

Find out how Brexit affects your digital services