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A new timetable for introducing import border control processes

March 16, 2021
EU Transition Updates
Merton Chamber

- Government putting COVID recovery first with new time scale for implementing border controls.

- Full processes for some imports will not be required until January 2022.

- Overall freight volumes between the UK and the EU have been back to their normal levels since the start of February.

A new timetable for introducing import border control processes has been set out by the government from Thursday 11 March to enable UK businesses to focus on their recovery.

The government has listened to businesses who have faced an unprecedented challenge during the pandemic and will now introduce full border control processes on 1 January 2022, six months later than originally planned.

This will provide businesses with further time to prepare for changes at the border and minimise disruption as the economy gradually reopens, as the government recognises the scale and significance of the challenges businesses have been facing in adjusting to the new requirements, at the same time as dealing with the impacts of COVID.

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