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11 Point Checklist for Hospitality Businesses

May 17, 2021
Covid-19 Updates
Merton Chamber

Hot on the heels of the recent webinar for hospitality businesses, hosted by Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth councils, we’ve devised an 11 Point Checklist for hospitality businesses.

- In Covid-secure indoor venues (and outdoors) you can host up to 30 people for life events which include; wedding receptions, wakes, christenings and bar mitzvahs. A full list of approved life events will be available on the government website.

- All venues that serve alcohol are required to provide table service so food is ordered, eaten and paid for whilst customers are seated.

- If a venue does not serve alcohol customers can order at the counter, but must be seated to eat their food.  If you allow smoking on your premises then you must designate smoking/non-smoking areas.

- Face masks are still required unless exempt.  If a customer says they are exempt from wearing a mask then they still can enter the premises as there is no legal requirement to present proof such as an exemption certificate.

- Visors and shields do not replace face mask coverings.  Staff exempt from wearing masks should wear visors or shields and be advised to work in the back of the house.

- Social distancing is still a requirement.  Indoors, tables should be 2m apart or 1m + risk mitigation (mitigation is defined as; more frequent hand cleaning, limited activity time, protective screens etc).

- Every venue should display a poster with NHS QR code for Track & Trace. Every customer above 16years old HAS to scan or provide details. A venue may refuse entry if a customer refuses to provide details.  Where this is not possible via a smart phone, customer details should be collected by a staff member on a form and retained for a 21 day period and provide when asked.  Failure to provide customer records from the last 21 days can result in a penalty fine of thousands of pounds.

- It is advisable for staff to undertake rapid lateral flow testing twice a week. If a staff member displays any symptoms then they should undertake a PCR test, which provides results within a 24 to 78 hour time period.

- SAFETY scheme #askforangela– by telling customers they can ‘Ask for Angela’ a discreet codework that they can give to alert staff in they feel unsafe or threatened.

- Indoor areas of hospitality venues are able to open - gathering limits are a group of up to 6 individuals or a group of two households (support bubble included in one of the household).

- Outdoor areas can now allow groups of up to 30 individuals - all outdoor structures must continue to be compliant with the 50% rule if you allowing groups of up to 30individuals in these areas.  To be considered ‘outdoor’ shelters, marquees and other structures can have a roof but need to have at least 50% of the area over the walls open at all times.

For more information, you can watch the webinar recording here

Working safely during coronavirus(COVID-19) Government Guidance