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Latest News

In July last year, the Merton Giving Fund allocated its first round of grant funding, with 20 local charities benefitting. We're pleased to be able to share projects from two more charities that received Merton Giving Funding.

Helping the BAME Community 'Believe in Yourself'

The Merton Giving Fund has helped The Ethnic Minority Centre ork towards improving the quality of life for BAME communities in Merton, particularly those suffering from loneliness and isolation.  Their weekly health and well-being focused ‘Believe in Yourself’ sessions gave members an opportunity to talk, be heard and participate in exercise classes.

One particularly poignant moment came from a member who declared “My life began 60 years ago, but my life has just started!” – the sessions offered company, comfort and enjoyment so she no longer feels alone.

Helping to Empower Young Girls

Locally based Inner Strength Network provides coaching and training to women and girls and their families to overcome difficult moments in their lives.

A number of vulnerable 10 to 15 year old girls were highlighted as needing extra support and Inner Strength Network, with their grant from The Merton Giving Fund, were able to run a series of empowerment sessions for them.   The girls were given the opportunity to develop their self-confidence with a focus on self-esteem, body confidence, staying safe online, healthy relationships and leadership skills.

Merton is a borough where people get involved in their communities. With one in five people volunteering and residents and businesses contributing to charitable causes, in many different ways, often the heart-warming stories of local giving aren’t talked about. We want to change that as we firmly believe the future is all about community - getting involved, connecting and giving back to the place where you live, work, or do business.  Get in touch to find out how you can be involved, we’d love to hear from you.

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