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Trustee & Director at South Mitcham Community Association

March 11, 2021

Remuneration: The role of Trustee is not accompanied by any financial remuneration, although expenses for travel may be claimed

Location: Meetings will be held in the South Mitcham Community Association Centre

Time commitment: 12 Board meetings per year (Currently monthly, but to be reviewed) +1 x AGM.

Skills/Knowledge: individuals with Data Protection and Health & Safety knowledge would be welcome.


To be a Trustee/Director of an organisation is an exciting and fulfilling role. The most effective Boards areo nes which benefit from individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences,and skill sets. The role of a Trustee/Director is to ensure that SMCA fulfils its duty to its beneficiaries by delivering our vision, mission, and values.

SMCA exists to promote voluntary and community action as a means of improving the quality of life for people in London Borough of Merton(LBM) by:

• Helping to improve the quality of life for local families and individuals across LBM

• To offer a range of activities for leisure and learning to support our local community

• To provide a healthy living centre inthe heart of Phipps Bridge Estate

• To offer opportunities for leisure and learning, serving all families and individuals borough wide, especially those in areas of social and economic deprivation and those from disadvantaged groups.

 In the course of our work, you will:

• Work in partnership with other community service providers, to provide and continually develop, a range of activities in response to local need and aspirations

• Raise funds to sustain our varied programme so we can empower service-users to increase their skills and employability

• Designing activities to attract, and actively involve, current and potential service users by engaging them in both fun and supportive activities at South Mitcham Community Association.

• Work in a trustworthy and transparent manner

• Develop our expertise and strive for an excellent standard of professional behaviour from all staff, volunteers, and trustees

• Help foster a culture of co-operation,understanding and tolerance within the diverse community in Mitcham        

• Promote volunteering as an integral part of life in Mitcham

The statutory duties of a Trustee/Director are:

• To ensure the organisation complies with its governing document – constitution and articles of association.

• To ensure that the organisation pursues its objectives as defined in its governing document.

To ensure the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives - the charity must not spend money on activities which are not included in its own objectives, no matter how 'charitable' and 'worthwhile' those activities are.

• To contribute actively to the Board of Trustees' role in giving firm strategic direction to the organisation, setting overall policy, defining goals, and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.

• To safeguard the good name and values of the organisation.

• To ensure the financial stability of the organisation.

• To protect and manage the property of the organisation and to ensure the proper investment of the organisation's funds.

• If the organisation employs staff, to appoint the Chief Executive Officer and monitor his or her performance.

In addition, with other Trustees/Directors to hold the Charity/Company limited by guarantee “in trust” for current and future beneficiaries by:

• Ensuring that the organisation has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focused on achieving these.

• Being responsible for the performance of the organisation and for its “corporate” behaviour; ensuring that the organisation complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.

• Acting as guardians of the organisation’s assets, both tangible and intangible, taking all due care over their security, deployment, and proper application.

• Ensuring that the organisation’s governance is of the highest possible standard.

As well as the various statutory duties, any trustee should make full use of any specific skills, knowledge, or experience to help the board make good decisions.

Other duties

• Scrutinising board papers

• Leading discussions

• Focusing on key issues

• Providing guidance on new initiatives

• Other issues in which the trustee has special expertise


Trustee Person Specification

• Commitment to the organisation

• Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort

• Strategic vision

• Good, independent judgement

• Ability to think creatively

• Willingness to speak their mind

• Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of trusteeship

• Ability to work effectively as amember of a team

The above list of duties is indicative only and not exhaustive. The Trustee/Director will be expected to perform all such additional duties as are reasonably commensurate with the role.

All new Trustees/Directors will be required to sign a Trustee Eligibility form stating that they are willing to work as a Trustee/Director and are not prevented from doing so due to any disqualifications.

Please send your cv and covering letter to the Centre Manager brenda@smca.co.uk.

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