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Polka Theatre - Kickstart Placements

October 15, 2021

Kickstart Placements now open for Applications:

POL08 Development Assistant

This role is an important part of the Polka Development Team, which is responsible for Polka’s fundraising activity. This is a rewarding job, where you can work at the heart of a children’s arts charity to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Recruitment Pack

Deadline: 9am on Sunday 31 October

POL01 Sales and Merchandising Representative:

This job will involve supporting Visitor Services Manager and Café Manager with setting up the overall offer that Polka will provide in its shop and cafe. This includes researching, agreeing and setting up the merchandise and stock for the shop and café. You will be someone who isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty e.g. unboxing items, and has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Recruitment Pack

How to apply:

You must be on Universal Credit to apply, and aged between 18 to 24 (due to safeguarding reasons we cannot accept anyone under 18). Contact your Work Coach to let them know you are interested in a role at Polka and ask them for the Kickstart ID number – then follow the instructions on the relevant job description to apply, contacting the correct person at Polka and telling them which role you’re interested in. Your Work Coach will let us know that they’ve put you forward for the role, and it is up to you to send us an application.

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