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Community Testing Workforce

January 6, 2021

Role profiles Community Testing Workforce

To support the National Mass Community Covid-19 testing program, the Kingston Council is recruiting for a number of temporary roles to support and deliver this program in Kingston. Experience of working in a clinical background or excellent customer service skills are an advantage but all applicants should have good communication and support skills.

The roles will be delivered at different locations across the borough and may require some shift or weekend work, hours will and will be for approximately 9 hours per day.

The roles are initially until February 2021 on an as and when required basis and may be extended thereafter. Successful applicants must have high levels of availability and commitment, and may be trained in several roles to allow flexibility to change tasks as and when required and rotate into different roles.

Candidates must be available to start from ASAP and will need to attend an online training sessions and on-site training prior to starting at a test site. Candidates will be required to undertake a Covid test before the start date and will be required to be tested before the start of each shift.

The vacancies below are due to start on the 4th January 2021.

Really simple application process, as outlined below.

Personal protective equipment will be provided

The roles at COVID-19 Community Testing Centres are outline below and all roles have the following responsibilities;

• Support the Covid Test Centre and provide a high quality service for each visitor

• Meet and greet visitors upon arrival and provide instructions

• Provide instructions and guidance in effective test taking

• Cleaning and sterilisation of equipment and disposal of medical wayse

• Manage test kit stocks and ordering as required

• Receive and distribute supplies

• Process swabs, complete the validation of loading of the sample, read out barcode and results, mark the test with pen (full training will be provided).

• Data entry of results for sharing with national programme

• Work with all testing centre staff to ensure validity of data and results.


TEAM LEADER (£18.22 - £20.71)

Key Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall on-site operations at the test site, including day-to-day workforce management, including quality assurance and adherence to the clinical SOP.

• Running day-to-day operations including on-site workforce management, managing site health & safety and receiving and managing stock

• Point of escalation for any issues on site, and escalates to local public health officials as appropriate

• Ensure adherence to SOP and clinical guidance is maintained throughout operations

• Responsible for safety and security of the site

• Responsible for data privacy concerns and addressing any issues raised by attendees.

• Responsibility for the quality and risk management of the testing and regularly checking that the site meets the standards required


Key Responsibilities: Supports the overall running of the site, interacting with customers throughout their testing experience.

(Site Operatives are outlined below but may also be performed by the same person depending upon the size of the Community Test Centre, if appropriate).  


Key Responsibilities Ensures orderly entry of subjects onto the testing site.

• Ensures crowd control and social distancing is maintained in subject queueing areas

• Monitors subjects in the queue who are showing symptoms of COVID and acts accordingly if they are

• In case of long queue, encourages people in line to start registering online

• Supports general site set up, including appropriate signage to manage subject flow


Key Responsibilities: Responsible for ensuring subjects have registered and are eligible for testing.

• Greets subject at arrival, asks them to sanitise hands and ensures the subject is eligible for asymptomatic testing

• Aids the subject in registering for the test if they are unable to

• Hands out a sheet of 4 barcodes to each test subject, the details of which are required for registration

• Provides assistance for people who might not have the relevant digital information such as phone number and email address

• Guides people who are coming and for a valid reason need to test anonymously

• ‘Drip feeds’ subjects into testing area, ensuring testing area does not exceed maximum capacity

• Communicates to test subjects the purpose of participating in testing at the site and the testing journey.

TEST ASSISTANT (£14.12 - £16.53)

Key Responsibilities: Provides guidance to subjects on swabbing as requested, and ensures cleaning of booths.

• Directs subject to available testing stations and directs them to the exit when they are finished

• On hand to provide subject with additional verbal instructions and reassurance if required

• Provides regular cleaning to testing stations throughout day (subjects are also asked to self-clean between each test)

TESTING OPERATIVE (£14.12 - £16.53)

Key Responsibilities: Prepares test kit samples, analyses results and records onto digital solution

(Site Operatives are outlined below but may also be performed by the same person depending upon the size of the Community Test Centre, if appropriate).  


Key responsibilities: Prepares test sample for analysis and interprets result.

• Sets up sample for analysis, and pipettes reagent to sample

• Ensures the sample analysis is timed correctly

• Awaits and reads result displayed, and marks it on device

• Provides to Results Recorder to upload to digital platform


Key responsibilities: collates results from Processing Operatives and uploads to digital solution.

• Reads test result outcome (marked by Processing Operative)

• Enters result onto a managed device, including the scanning of a barcode (result is automatically sent to Test & Trace)

Please be advised the roles are to start on 04/01/20. Pay rates will range from £12 - £20 per hour depending on role assigned.

Info required for candidates interested in the Kingston Covid Test Centre roles,

Please send the following information to emily.day@adecco.co.uk

Copy of your CV


Phone number:

Availability to start:

Hours and days available per week:

Have you registered with Adecco previously?:

Do you have a DBS?

Which position are you interested in?

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