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Census have 1800 vacancies in South London

November 13, 2020

Recruitment actually started in March, but is being rolled out in stages. THE SECOND STAGE IS NOW UPON US!!! It is running from 2nd November until 16th February (3rd stage is 13th Jan-23rd March)

The roles on offer are varied, but this stage is focussing on ‘Field Officers’.  These roles will be the on the ground/knocking on doors and dealing with the public.  It is open to anyone 18+ but would be very suitable for the large number of our new customers who have recently lost their jobs in the hospitality and retail sectors.  All applicants must be fluent in English, but they are particularly keen to recruit candidates that have a second language, including British Sign Language.

The majority of these roles will be available from 23 November but there are other more specialist roles available now

The lowest rates of pay(below) are on a tier system, (In general-Inner London, Outer London and rest of the country)

Field Staff Roles £14.61 £12.64 £11.22

Customers apply via the website (link below) and MUST select JCP/DWP in the drop down ‘where did you hear about these roles’. There is NO INTERVIEW, customers will apply and be asked to attend a Situational Judgement Test (SJT).  This is described by Adecco as the following:

For each question you will be presented with a realistic scenario that you could experience. You will then have 4 options for how you could respond to the scenario. You must select which ONE option you think is BEST and which ONE option you think is the worst response to the scenario. There are typically around 15 questions which focus on the competencies required for each role title and should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

It is also worth noting that although a DBS is done, a previous criminal conviction does not automatically prevent the customer from applying or securing the role.  Adecco’s advice is to be honest and declare any unspent convictions. If a customer is untruthful and tries to ‘cover up’ any unspent conviction then they will not be allowed to proceed. If you have any specific query about a particular customer then please contact me.


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