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Reach Out and Connect: Trading Through the Lockdown



June 2020


11:30 am


12:30 pm


Reach Out and Connect - providing businesses who are open, or are considering re-opening, with guidance.

Join us and the team from Merton Council’s Regulatory Services Partnership.

Officers from the Food Safety & Hygiene, Trading Standards, Licensing, Street Trading and Highways teams will be offering their insights about how they are applying the “Covid” rules and sharing best practice.

CLICK HERE to register if you would like to attend this Zoom webinar.

We will be looking at:

• Re-opening guidelines to ensure you can open quickly and safely

• Promoting your business during lockdown

• Move to takeaway and distance selling

• Liability and practicalities where customers not respecting SD inside, or queuing outside, your premise

• Toilet facilities

• Practicalities for staff when 2m rule can't operate

• Considerations when buying PPE and cloth facemasks

• Best practice tips from “open” businesses

• Free Reopening Checklist

• Covid scams targeting businesses

Followed by a Q&A session.

About Regulatory Services Partnership (RSP)

The RSP has pooled together over 60 highly trained, experienced advisors from across the regulatory services of the LB Councils of Merton, Wandsworth and Richmond Upon Thames.

The RSP is here to support businesses and offers advice and support across the variety of regulation:

• Environmental Health (Food Safety and Labelling)

• Health and Safety

• Trading Standards

• Pollution (Air, Noise, Water)

• Pest Control

• Licensing.

The RSP is working towards providing a one-stop shop to obtain advice on any regulatory matter.

Reach Out and Connect: Working with the London Borough of Merton

Our Reach Out and Connect events are supported by University of Roehampton
Event Protocols

The actual meeting will start a promptly.  Please login five minutes before to give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with Zoom controls. Below are some Housekeeping tips.  (Please make sure you send Zoom link to your personal email accounts if company intranets do not support Zoom meetings.) (It may also help you to print off these details).

• Zoom is a great platform but it is a new technology for most of us. Please familiarise yourself with the functions and please do not be shy to use the Video facility.

• If you login early and do not want to chat you can Un-Mute yourself and Close your Video function until the meeting starts. These are the buttons on the bottom left of the Zoom screen.

• When the meeting starts and all but the speaker’s microphones will be muted. During this time we suggest you go to Speaker View, This is a button at the top right-hand side of the Zoom screen. Please note: most people do not realise that the ‘Gallery View’ and ‘Speaker View’ buttons are Go To Page, destinations. (They are not the title of the page you are on.)

• Please use the Chat function, on the right hand side of your screen, to ask questions as they arise during the speaker’s talks – these will be answered at the Q&A session by the panel of Speakers.

• During the Q&A session, if you want to ask a question live and Un-Muted to the panel. Click on the 'Raise Hand' button and we will try and get to everyone. You can submit questions prior to the event via email to info@mertonchamber.co.uk .

• We will be taking a Poll during the meeting to see where businesses need more information.

• We may record the event and will also send out details of any information provided by the Speakers after the event.

• Please be civil during the event. These are unprecedented times and there is a huge willingness to help by everyone but we know your pain and how frustrating it can be to wait for others to provide solutions.

Event Tickets

FREE Ticket



If you are unsure about your membership status, please contact us on 020 8944 5501 or via email info@mertonchamber.co.uk

Event Details


June 2020


11:30 am
12:30 pm




Online via Zoom video conference


Merton Chamber and Merton Council


020 8944 5501



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