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In 2018 AFC Wimbledon finally secured their return to the borough after completing a key stage for the development of their new stadium at Plough Lane.

On Monday 24 December Merton Catalyst LLP (the joint venture of Galliard Homes and Catalyst Developments [Wimbledon] Ltd) officially transferred ownership of the land on which the stadium will be built to a subsidiary of the Dons Trust, The Wider Interests of Football Limited, meaning AFC Wimbledon began 2019 as owners of the freehold to that land.

With AFC Wimbledon finally due to return to Plough Lane in November 2020, you can find out all about their new state of the art 11,000- 20,000-seater football stadium here.

"Plough Lane is in the blood for Wimbledon fans.

"This is where we grew originally and even though we haven't been here for 29 years, it's remained a beacon - the shining light for all of us."

AFC Wimbledon, but will bring over 600 much needed homes, retail space, a squash and fitness club as well as an economic boost to Merton, better transport links and new jobs.