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Gina Conway

February 20, 2020

Gina Conway is a large salon located within Elys Department Store servicing a high end clientele looking for premium customer service experience.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I want to be part of the solution not part of the problem and I know that I want my business to stay around for many years and not see this industry wither in water shortages and blackouts so I need to act now to make changes for the future of my business.

What environmental issues particularly resonate with your business?

I have high water use in order to clean towels and for our hair and spa treatments. I also require a large amount of electricity to heat this water and dry towels. I know that my clients are smarter and taking action and have a choice on who they use for their hair and spa services. I want to take away all of the barriers for them coming to enjoy themselves and vanish any guilty feelings for wanting to look and feel their best.

What are you currently doing to run a more sustainable business?

We use one product range called Aveda and it is sustainable and ecologically the best in the business. They make products that give back to the world by using sustainable ingredients and their recycling program is cradle to cradle. We have introduced many practices to lower our carbon footprint such as using eco-shampoos and using Scrummi towels that are made from recycled tree pulp.

Why would you encourage other businesses to become a Business Champion?

I am new to Merton’s Business Network for Climate Action and so have not yet had the chance to work together with this group but am grateful that this exists to get the community involved. I want everyone to make sustainable choices. If we help each other we can get further faster.

What are your long term/short term sustainability objectives?

Short term, my objective is to do all that I can to make my business net zero. Long term, to be a beacon for others wanting to do the same.

Gina Conway


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