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Merton Best Business Awards 2021

After a year like no other, the 2021 MBBAs are back to recognise and celebrate Merton’s incredible business community. A new set of award categories has been designed to reflect the journey that your business has been on: to recognise your flexibility and resilience, and to celebrate your achievements against the odds.

The Merton Best Business Awards is one of our flagship events

The Merton Best Business Awards are back for 2021

We believe that there is a great deal to reflect upon and to celebrate in 2021. Businesses in Merton – and the people in our community – have shown incredible resilience over the past 18 months, constantly adapting to survive this particular storm. The 2021 Merton Best Business Awards will seek to recognise that.  

Your workplace might be a purpose-built office space, a cosy café, or your kitchen table – but no matter its size or shape, applying for an award is a chance to reflect on your business, reward your people and boost your customer base.

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Applying for the awards gave us the kick start we needed to really focus on
our business and ask ourselves what exactly makes us worthy of an award. The application helped us focus on what we needed to have in place. Winning has led to so much more. For clients, seeing that we are an award winner on our website promotions has given us respect and credibility - it’s been an all round success for us as a business.

Highlights of the 2019 MBBA's